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Real Green Marketing’s Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a one-stop online portal that provides a cost-effective, easy and effective way for your business to reach out to customers right in the neighborhood. It’s trackable and intelligent. With our EDDM, companies can use tracking features to gauge how effective each direct mail campaign is and gather invaluable client data.

Every Door Direct Mail: How EDDM Works

1.) From our online portal, chose a postcard design that best suits the target audience, customizing that design with your specific business’ information and images. Mail pieces can be sized into three different sizes (6.25”x 9”, 6”x 11”, or 8.5”x 11”).

2.) Pick mailing routes using our free mapping tool, to target carrier routes in the neighborhoods desired.

3.) From the mapping tool, select a drop date, review and approve the proof, and the postcard is now ready for delivery.

It’s done! With each piece addressed to ‘Residential Customer’, your company saves money on lists and variable printing. A postal service letter carrier delivers the final printed piece to every address on your identified postal route.
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EDDM Ease of Use

What’s one of the best parts of our EDDM platform? It’s web-based. Anyone with access to the online portal can place an order at any time. That means you’re in control of the entire order, from start to finish. Of course, we’re here to assist if needed - just call us during regular business hours at 800.422.7478, Option 6 or email us at

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The Results: New Business

Your business gets in direct contact with the target audience, with a customized, appealing mail piece that contains a compelling message, that promotes the business, and that contains an effective call-to-action to get them to contact you. And that translates into…new business for you!
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