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Higher Visibility with Strategic SEO Services

Naturally, every business wants to have a more dominant online presence than their competitors. That’s the essence of search engine optimization (SEO). In the digital world, SEO is considered the most significant aspect of a site’s maintenance to keep it in the digital forefront. To rank higher than competitors, businesses need an SEO strategy with on-page tactics to beat contenders for specific keyword search terms. So, this is the aim of our SEO services: to get your business’ website appearing when people search for keyword phrases that describe your company’s commercial profile, industry, products and services.

Better visibility on search engines translates into more sales leads for your business as well as a greater brand awareness.
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Conversions with Targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Services

While the aim of our SEO services is to intelligently position your company’s website to rank for organic searches, our PPC team creates high quality, targeted paid ads that display in searches on Google, Bing or even Facebook to drive traffic to a specific landing page on the company’s website. These ads may be geo-targeted for business that provide services in a specific local area.

Our team works with you to establish an AdWords marketing budget, then sets out to craft the best ads to get clicks – using the most relevant keywords- that bring business leads quickly.

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Personalized Content with Web Development Services

Ever worked with a website development company that produced websites that all look alike? That is, you can tell from website to website that the same company did them? It’s known as the cookie-cutter approach. One template for all client sites.

Well, that’s just not our style, nor should it be yours. Every company is different, so web surfers expect every site they visit to be distinctive as well. Real Green Marketing’s web developers create sites that are as unique as your business. They incorporate elements from your brand to create spectacular sites that feature promotional messages, specialized news announcements, products and services.

With stunning, modern, catch-your-attention designs and a layout that encourages readability and viewer engagement, our designers make your website stand out from the rest.
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MyLocal: Geographical SEO, Online Branding, Review Admin and More

Through our MyLocal program, our digital marketing professionals provide a multi-faceted marketing strategy that optimizes websites for local search, enhances branding through a greater social media presence, manages reviews, utilizes text messaging to engage customers, and includes other tactics that get local attention for businesses.

Our MyLocal program has a proven track record of putting businesses on the map – and keeping them there!

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